Collaborating to build a better future for all children at Wharton

The Wharton Dual Language Academy PTO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enabling the vision of our excellent school leadership, building strong community, and raising funds to enable life-transforming educational experiences. Our 2017-18 goal is to raise $500 per student. We invite you to invest in the future of all children at Wharton and contribute.

We need to raise $500 to support the future of one student at Wharton. Please consider this as you commit to an amount that supports each of your children, and potentially goes generously beyond to support all of the children in our Wharton community.

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    Donations of all amounts are welcome. Please use the write-in field below:
    • $50 Classroom Supplies (e.g., writing journals, portfolios, creative materials, etc.)
    • + $100 Experiential Learning (e.g., special field trips, photography, gardening, etc.)
    • + $150 Core Programming (e.g., elementary IB, Writers in the Schools, etc.)
    • + $200 New Programming (e.g., future middle school IB, technology, etc.)
    • = $500 Full Support of One Student at Wharton.
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